Storing Your Garlic

Garlic cloves with rosemaryTheir are many ways to store your garlic bulbs once you receive them. Stonebridge Garlic wants to make sure your bulbs stay as fresh as possible, so we ship our garlic bulbs in all-natural burlap bags because they're perfect for longer term storage. These bags stay well ventilated to ensure the bulbs stay dry. To keep them fresh once they get to your door, place the bag in a cool area of your home or business with low humidity.

For long-term storage we do not recommend storing bulbs in your refrigerator due to the possibility of moisture buildup. This could cause your bulbs to prematurely rot or cause them to sprout. For short-term storage of a couple weeks the vegetable drawer would be the best place since it's the least humid area of your fridge.

Do you have a specific way to store your garlic and want to share? Email us and let us know!